The finalists of the SIGMOD 2021 Programming Contest were selected after the evaluation of the best submissions from the leaderboard and of the corresponding code.

We would like to thank everyone who participated this year and congratulate the 5 finalists:

SUSTech_DBGroup (Southern University of Science and Technology) Overall Winner (1st prize)

  • Weibao Fu
  • Peiqi Yin
  • Lan Lu
Poster | Source

UKN (Tsinghua University) Runner-Up (sharing 2nd prize)

  • Yinan Mei
  • Haoyu Wang
  • Dongming Zhao
Poster | Source

panda (Georgia Institute of Technology) Runner-Up (sharing 2nd prize)

  • Renzhi Wu
  • Peng Li
Poster | Source

CyberPunk2021 (EPFL)

  • Saibo Geng
  • Lin Yuan
  • Yifei Li
Poster | Source

BoomBoomChicken (Rutgers University)

  • Chaoji Zuo
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The leaderboard ranks the best submission for each team based on the average F-score on all considered datasets. Only submissions that successfully produce a valid result are considered for the leaderboard. Progress bars indicate how each submission fares in comparison with the other submissions on the leaderboard: the solution with the lowest F-score has an empty progress bar, while the submission with the highest one receives a full bar.

The leaderboard was reset everytime a new dataset was made available.

The submissions in the final leaderboard are evaluated on the three official datasets: Notebook, NotebookLarge and Altosight.

Rank Team Time in the Lead Best Average F-Score Submitted